The ho-ho-horror: Still scared of Santa


Courtesy Anne Pham

Tai, 18 months, is hurting Santa's ears!

Earlier this month we presented round one of some of the fantastic "Scared of Santa" photos readers submitted as part of our Your Cute Kids contest via Facebook. We had such a huge response, and the pictures (like the one of tearful little Tai Pham, above) were so irresistible, we couldn't help but select another batch of goodies. We hope you enjoy them in this last week before Christmas, and don't forget to see our new callout for photos. To celebrate the New Year, send us your photos of new babies… or your bigger kids doing something new. Whether it’s a newborn or your big girl riding her new bike or tying her shoe for the first time, let’s see those brand-spankin’-new moments.

But first, more holiday terror with jolly St. Nick.


Courtesy Rachel Divita

Kendall, 2, isn't pleased but her baby bro wonders why.

Courtesy Sarah Moore

Ava asks: Why???!!!

Courtesy Laura Bonelli

Trevor and Sloan, 11 months, aren't happy, but neither is Santa!

Courtesy Teresa Yvette

Kailani, 11 months, is not a happy camper on Santa's lap.

Courtesy Michaela Peterson

Noah, 6 months, giving Santa a pouty lip.

Courtesy Janice Gurry

Nolan, 18 months, doesn't like Mrs. Claus, either.

Courtesy Rian Trank

Ayden and Brennen say: Santa is scary, even though we were born on Christmas day.

Courtesy Kimberly Grasson

Brayden, 20 months, is not as brave as his big brothers

Courtesy Brandi Biggart

Lana wonders why baby brother Carson is so scared of Santa.

Courtesy Nikki Banos

Joseph, 21 months displays his true feelings about Santa.

Courtesy Joelle Boros

Bode and Brogie went from happy to not-so-happy on Santa's lap.

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my daughter will be 4 in march. the first time she saw santa she was 8 months old. she wasn't thrilled but she wasn't crying LOL. the next time she saw him she was 2 and a half. she took a picture with her cousin and then again by herself. then she told him she wanted "all the christmas toys". so she had some serious santa lap time. the next time was last weekend and she hopped up in his lap and procceeded to tell him that she wanted a pink pony! so it's safe to say that she is pretty cool with santa!

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Reply#1 - Mon Dec 19, 2011 11:46 AM EST

Why are these pictures funny? It's sadistic to laugh at a child's misery.

    Reply#2 - Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:18 PM EST

    what the f*** do you expect santa is scary and I dont blame those kids for being scared of a glorified hobo

      Reply#3 - Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:57 PM EST

      I don't get why parents force it.

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      Reply#4 - Thu Apr 5, 2012 3:11 PM EDT
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